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Building Community & Helping Residents Stay Virtually Connected 

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Mobile Doorman is known within the multifamily industry for its customization capabilities that help communities and property management companies extend the reach of their brands to its customers: Residents.

But Mobile Doorman's resident capabilities would mean nothing if it didn't also boost engagement and build community amongst staff and residents.

With Mobile Doorman, it's never been easier for staff and residents to connect with their neighbors and build community. While we remain committed to streamlining communication and boosting operational efficiency, we also strive to help staff and residents engage with each other and build communities. 

Mobile Doorman Premium users now have a way to see and interact with residents amidst social distancing. With Mobile Doorman Online Events, you and your residents of your community can stay connected, remain socially distanced, and keep each other safe!

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Keeping you and your residents virtually connected

Following social distancing guidelines means that everyone is spending a lot more time in their homes and away from others these days.

With Mobile Doorman Online Events, now you can maintain face-to-face engagement with your residents - no matter where you are. Using your resident app, host community gatherings such as:

Virtual happy hours

Group workout classes

Community trivia nights

and much more!

Boosting operational efficiency, increasing staff communication and creating cross-department transparency, using Mobile Doorman. 

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Online Events: How do they work?

With Mobile Doorman Online Events, powered by Zoom, plan and host a large-scale video chat with you and your residents. Using the integration, our system automatically creates a unique link that you and your community can use for up to four hours at a time!

That means no rushing to fit in a full event in less than an hour or scrambling to remember your meeting ID before the event starts.

Online Events Sample

Once the Online Events feature is turned on at your community, follow these five simple steps to start hosting today:

  • Add an Event to your community's Event calendar as normal
  • Check the "Online" box to create an Online Event, and enter any co-hosts who should receive reminders and links to start the meeting. Click Create Event. 
  • 15 minutes before your Event start time, residents will automatically be reminded of the upcoming event
  • 5 minutes before your Event start time, all hosts will receive a link to begin the event as well as a host code. The host code will allow the Event's primary host to have enhanced control over the event, including the ability to mute all participants and end Events early.
  • 1 minute before the Event starts, residents will receive the link to join the meeting, no need to manually send out the link!

It’s really that easy. Just one checked box and the rest is handled.

Ready to get started? Use the link below to sign up for Online Events at your community today!

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Online Events: Tutorials & Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have my own Zoom license to use the feature?

Absolutely not! As a Mobile Doorman Premium user, you have complimentary shared access to Mobile Doorman-hosted Zoom licenses included in our product. These licenses can be used on a first come, first served basis, across all Mobile Doorman Premium users.


How long can Online Events last?

Events using Mobile Doorman Online Events, powered by Zoom, can last as little as 5 minutes and up to 4 hours. Once in the Zoom app, your meeting will last as long as your original Event time. So, for example, if you create an Online Event from 4:30pm to 5pm on a Thursday evening, your dedicated Zoom meeting will automatically end at 5pm.


What is a Host Code?

5 minutes before your Event start time, all hosts will receive a link to begin the event as well as a host code. The host code will allow the Event's primary host to have enhanced control over the event, including the ability to mute all participants and end Events early. Note - Only one user can claim Host access.


Will all residents and staff receive the Zoom link when an event starts?

Only residents who RSVP'd to the event will receive a reminder and link to join the Event. Similarly, only the staff member that created the original Event will receive the link to start the meeting.


How do I change the time of my meeting?

To change the time of an Online Event, first cancel the original Event and create a new Event within the Mobile Doorman Dashboard.


I'm receiving an error when trying to book my Event at a specific time - why?

Time reservations are assigned on a first come, first served basis, so if you are receiving an error when booking your Event time, that simply means many other communities have booked that same time slot and no more licenses are available at that time. You can set up a dedicated license for your community at the low price of $30/month. Email our team at today to get set up.  


I'm a Mobile Doorman Essential user - can I use this feature?

Mobile Doorman Online Events, powered by Zoom, is only available to users of the Mobile Doorman Premium product. To get set up as a Premium user, send us a note today at


Is my Zoom meeting with residents secure?

Millions of users and companies trust Zoom with their virtual communication needs. To learn more about the measures Zoom takes to ensure the security of your calls, visit If you think you may have found a security vulnerability within Zoom, please submit a vulnerability report or contact the Zoom security team directly at


Can I use the same link for every meeting?

No. Unique meeting links are created automatically for each and every event, helping you and your team cut down on time trying to remember or locate a specific URL.


Interested In Boosting Engagement Amongst Your Residents?

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