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Streamlining the Move-In Experience with Mobile Doorman

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According to a recent study from Kinglsey Associates surveys & research, there is an 84% greater likelihood of resident renewal at a property if the move-in process goes well.

Ensuring a smooth move-in process seems like an easy thing in concept, but with reserving freight elevators, providing timely contact information and a whole stack of other papers to review, moving into their new dream apartment can quickly feel like a nightmare for a resident.

Furthermore, considering that  Zillow Rentals estimates an average savings of $1,350 (not even including marketing costs) when retaining a resident, providing a poor first experience for new residents can be a costly mistake.

Using the in-app Move-In Checklist from Mobile Doorman, you can easily create a digital and trackable record of a resident's move-in experience, with features like:


Customization to fit the needs of each property

Saves directly to the resident account in 

Ability to take & log pictures within the form


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“Sometimes the resident is rushed when they move in, and consequently you would do kind of a cursory walk-through.

With Mobile Doorman, if they notice things right after they’ve started living there, we can make sure those are noted on the forms, [helping] prevent tension and misunderstanding at move-out."

 Shannon Gammie - Regional Property Manager, Pinnacle 



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