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Creating Community with Mobile Doorman

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A well-known industry stat proves that residents who have seven or more friends in their community are 47% more likely to renew their lease. In fact, a recent Satisfacts Resident Survey found that community events are one of the top five drivers of renewals

In an ever-increasingly isolated world, it's never been more important to provide spaces and moments for residents to connect with each other and the staff onsite. Resident events help to make those spaces for people to meet, connect and create those bonds to drive retention. But no matter the thought and time spent pulling together an engaging and fun event, all will be for not if residents aren't in the know about attending. 


Using Events with Mobile Doorman, you can enable residents to view full details for upcoming events, RSVP in-app and add events directly to their personal calendars while using your custom app. To provide even greater awareness, our messaging feature is enhanced with a direct linking function to events in the app.

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“We were promoting our events and tracking RSVPs by email. Email blasts could be time-consuming... Now my inbox is getting flooded with RSVPs that we’re trying to record manually. That can be cumbersome & lead to costly headcount errors.

We just saw Mobile Doorman as a way to really enhance [that] process."

 Tracy Ruff - Property Manager, Golub 



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