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We're encouraged to see that Mobile Doorman apps have helped communities across North America communicating timely information to their residents during the rise of the Coronavirus.

Resident apps present an effective way to proactively communicate and coordinate your response to COVID - ensuring the safety of your staff, residents, and properties.

To help get information out to your residents quickly, we wanted to share some community best practices for easily and effectively communicate COVID-related updates to residents.  



Tip #1: Encourage Resident App Downloads

Empower residents to digitally manage their homes and ensure you have a direct line of communication with your residents as office hours, procedures and other events are impacted by the virus.

Send a message through your Dashboard encouraging those who are not already using your app to download today. Residents who already have the app will receive a push notification, while residents without the app will receive an email with an easy Download App button.

COVID mocked up email

Looking for ideas on how to encourage downloads? Click the link below to view our App Download Message Template. 

Encourage App Download Message Template



Tip #2: Communicate with Direct and All-Resident Messages

Keep your community in-the-know on COVID by providing consistent and timely communication to your residents.

Using your App Messaging feature, send messages directly to residents' phones via push notifications.

In emergency circumstances, use our Urgent Message feature to send a text directly to residents that haven't already downloaded your app. (Note -  Urgent Messages cannot be more than 140 characters and do not include links).

Coronavirus_urgent texting push notifications_with background v2

Not sure on what to tell residents? Click the link below to view our All-Resident Message Template. 

View COVID All-Resident Message Template


Tip #3: Content Tiles for easy-to-find announcements and timely information

Using custom Content Tiles, proactively provide the latest COVID-related information residents are seeking in your app. 

Cut down on time fielding calls or in-person meetings using list-based Tiles, redirect links or other helpful material downloads with one tap of a button.

COVID Content Tile Template April 2020_List

Click the link below to view a step-by-step on creating a COVID FAQ Tile for your community's app.

View COVID Content Tile Template



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